One Application, Multi-Users.

Planning the entire week’s lunch is not an easy task. Most importantly, making sure there are no errors and you don’t waste any resources can be even more challenging. Through our lunch ordering & management system, we aim to make the complete process simple, efficient, convenient, and cost-effective.

Our fully integrated application connects administration, customers, parents, and federal programs under one system.


Customers can pre-plan and manage meals as per their needs. They get complete control of choosing their balanced, nutritious meals, including the ingredients it contains. They can also add their food allergens.

  • Plan Meals For The Next Day Before Noon
  • Customise Every Meal
  • Hassle-Free Payment Through Food Coupons & Auto Top-Ups
  • Easy Cancellation


Streamline lunch orders, manage multiple accounts, ensure the meals get delivered on time, get real-time reporting, and ensure 100% hygiene and safety with our advanced lunch ordering and management system.

  • Easy & Prompt Meal Management
  • Access Anytime, Anywhere
  • Track Orders & Payments Without A Hassle
  • View & Receive Extensive Report

Custom Menu Configuration

Prepare meals with complete accuracy, send automated notifications, customise the entire menu, and more with our lunch management system. Our application is easy to use and mobile responsive.

  • Ingredients with Calorie Count
  • Pre-Plan Menu for The Entire Week, Multiple Days, or an Individual Day
  • Add Multiple Students/Children Under One Account
  • Manage Meal Roster

Enhance Lunch Ordering & Cafeteria Management

Did we already mention how convenient and user-friendly the lunch ordering and management system is? Check out how it works and find out for yourself. You will not be disappointed.

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Features Our School Meal Management Software Include

Customisable Menu

Manage and create multiple menus as per your requirement or the requirement of the school.

Manage Allergy Info

Make sure the children never have an allergic reaction. You can add the food allergens to ensure they get the perfect meal at all times.

Pre-Plan Meals With Calorie Count

Help children live a healthy and nutritious life. The products or ingredients listed come with an accurate calorie count.


Send instant notifications to parents or schools through the application about meal changes, updates, payments, and more.

Dashboard and Reporting

View & maintain all your students from a single account and dashboard. You can even access comprehensive real-time reports

Secure Payment Options

We are using secured payment gateway from globally recognised Stripe to collect payments. This ensures that payment processing is secure and hassle-free.

Why Do You Need a School Lunch Management System?

Planning, managing, and tracking school meal programs takes time and effort. Not just that. You must have an efficient and effective strategy to ensure you make no errors and deliver the same service every time. All this can now be possible with the help of just one application – an Online School Lunch Ordering & Management System.

100% Transparency
On-Time Delivery
Reduced Cost
Save Time & Overall Cost
Increase Efficiency
Prepare Meals with Accuracy
Improve Cafeteria Management
Access Anytime, Anywhere

Build Your School Lunch Ordering & Management System Now!

Save time, resources, and the cost of managing your meal programs using just one application. Want to learn more about the system?

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Engagement Models

Accommodating with different business models & working environments is a challenge & being an Industry-leading software development company, we understand it.

Part time


If you have an undefined project and need ongoing assistance, choose our online food delivery software development experts on an hourly basis.

  • No setup cost
  • Requirement based working hours
  • Monthly billing
  • Timeline based on project requirements


You can opt for our part-time engagement model to hire dedicated online restaurant ordering system development experts for minor changes or application upgrades.

  • No setup investment
  • Cost-effective
  • Daily/weekly/monthly billing
  • Timeline based on project requirements


Need a dedicated team for a well-planned large project? Hire our top online restaurant ordering software developers in India.

  • 160 hrs./month assured work
  • No hidden charges
  • Monthly billing
  • Timeline based on project requirements

School Lunch Management System Case Studies

We believe in simplifying the entire school lunch ordering and management process. Our software helps plan, order, customise, and manage lunches in just a few steps.

The LunchBag

They wanted to build a highly scalable online school lunch ordering system for the client serving kids through the Govt scheme in Ireland. We built a new system which is extremely user-friendly and scalable to more than 500000 lunches booking. No crashes during peak times. 100% uptime with record performance.

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