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Finding financial aid in the hour of need can be overwhelming for students. Not anymore. With the instant loan app, students can receive instant short term loans in just a few simple steps. The app includes multiple excellent features such as loan disbursal to preferred account (bank account or digital wallet platform), flexible financial plans, and customer benefits.



The loan lending app caters to those looking for instant financial support without a hassle. We designed the app to give students the financial independence they need to keep their dream alive.

  • Hassle-free instant personal loans
  • No collaterals needed
  • One time or EMI loan repayment option
  • Reward points and referral benefits


With the app, admins can manage multiple loanees. Not just that. From onboarding to user management, loan approvals, accessing reports, and more, the app comes with features that help admins provide customised financial solutions.

  • View user details & loan requests
  • Easy credit limit adjustment
  • Loan & overdue management
  • Customer support
Mobile App

Mobile App

The app lets users complete the entire loan application using their phones and get it approved in no time. With the instant loan app, we aim to take the financial burden or hurdles off every student's shoulders.

  • User-friendly
  • Clean and intuitive app design with multiple features
  • Highly secure
  • Robust encryption technology

Paperless, Instant Loan Approvals Through Your Phone

Help students overcome all the challenges faced while taking traditional loans through an app that provides instant financial aid.

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Features That Make Our App Stand Out

Easy Registration & Sign In

Students can register using their details within minutes. Besides that, students can use social sign-in as well as system sign in to log in to their accounts.

Selfie Video

Students can record a video with their photos and all the necessary documents. It helps them verify that the account and the related details belong to them.

Multiple Loan Repayment Option

Students can choose from two loan plans. One option is repaying the loan amount in monthly instalments, and the other is one-time repayment within the due date.

Quick Loan Disbursement

Once the loan is approved, the amount can be transferred to the student's bank account or digital wallet platform such as Paytm.

Repayment Extension Request

Students can request repayment extensions directly through the app. They can convert their outstanding into pre-defined EMI and pay an extra charge for using this facility.

Referrals & Reward Points

Users can refer their friends and earn reward points which can be redeemed using the app. They can also earn reward points for on-time repayments.

Why Is a Student Loan App Important Right Now?

In today’s competitive era, students face many financial constraints during their college years. Whether it is to pay for a course or manage monthly expenses, students are constantly seeking different methods that provide instant financial aid. Fortunately, instant loan apps now allow students to become financially independent. An instant loan app empowers students and helps them fulfil their dreams.

Instant Loan Approval
Lower Interest Rates
100% Transparent
Save Time & Money
Easy, Hassle-Free Process
Multiple Loanee Management
Grow Credit
Flexible Payment Plans

Ready To Build Your Custom Instant Loan App?

Give students the power to accomplish their dreams without any financial hurdles. Students can now get instant loans effortlessly.

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Instant Loan App Case Studies

A highly secure, intuitive, and scalable mobile application that helps students achieve financial independence.


The mobile application had to be simple enough, not just for college students to use but also to retain users. The application was meant to help end-users apply for loans and get disbursal acknowledgement within minutes. We created an intuitive, highly secure, and scalable app with its entire hosting on the AWS platform configured to accommodate sudden traffic surges. Dynamic features updates and high security helped in gaining and retaining users. The mobile app interface was an instant hit with the end-users and is surpassing targets regularly.

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